How to Fight Multiple Attackers

My time as a Federal Agent in the government and military as well as serving in the Navy, Air Force and the Army taught me many things about the correct way to deal with an attacker. Every lesson I have learned, and subsequently taught to other agents as an instructor, has been extremely valuable. Some rank higher in my mind than others when it comes to surviving a deadly confrontation. I wrote this article for the Fight Fast blog where I am one of their expert instructors.  In it I share 12 of my most valuable lessons for dealing with multiple attackers. Heed my words because they come from experience.  Please check out the blog on their website by clicking on my picture or selecting the link below.

Derek Smith: Multiple Opponents


About Derek Smith

Derek is a former Federal Special agent and Veteran of 3 military services. He knows a great deal about self-defense and he shares his knowledge with you!


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