Derek Smith has served in the Army (criminal investigations division), Navy, and the Air Force (special agent with the special investigations unit). Because of his fighting skills and professionalism Derek was also chosen to protect the Secretary of Defense and two U.S. Presidents.

Derek had a forced introduced to fighting at a young age. Growing up in a very rough neighborhood of Chicago meant that Derek had to fight almost every day.

By the time he went into the military he was already a very skilled fighter. Add to that street experience the formal training of a U.S. special agent and the result is Derek Smith (one hell of a feared fighter).

Learn offensive and defensive skills from Derek Smith, a Former U.S. Special Agent that has done several Instructional DVDs with fightfast.com.  Get the inside scoop on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Learn from a true ex-Agent who knows the ins and outs of protecting anyone!  Check out his 3 titles below to learn more about the skills necessary to protect yourself or just about anyone.  Derek Smith, a great instructor with the right set of skills you can use for protection!

One of the “the most devastatingly powerful self defense systems in the world today,”the Special Agent Combative System” (SACS) teaches you how to quickly deal with any attacker by inflicting crippling pain using simple, intuitive movements you can instantaneously do… even if you’re non-athletic, small or out-of-shape.

SACS uniquely effective methods (which employ violence as your ultimate survival tool) are simple and easy to master yet are so devastatingly effective at close combat that they have been used by military soldiers and government agents in the most dire situations.

For nearly 20 years Special Agents Combative System founder and creator, Derek A. Smith, has been teaching self defense & close-combat training to military and federal agents and even ordinary folks like you. He’s the guy agents in the Defense Intelligence Agency, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, U. S. Army Criminal Investigations Division, U.S. Treasury, Postal Service, and Education relied upon to teach them when their live’s depended on it.

Derek has studied, and more importantly used, the martial arts for over 35 years earning multiple black belt and instructorships along the way.  He has personally trained with Paul Vunak (FMA), Bob Pelligrini (Combat Hapkido), Tim Larkin (SCARS), the Gracies (BJJ), Richard Van Donk (Ninjutsu and Eskrima), and many others.  Now he shares that knowledge with YOU!

The Arts that Make up the Special Agent Combative System

 The Special Agent Combative System is mainly composed of the following systems:

Filipino Martial Arts
Krav Maga
Gracie Juijitsu

Bujinkan Ninjutsu
Combat Hapkido
Various forms of Karate and Jui Jitsu

Various self defense systems
Law Enforcement defensive tactics
Law Enforcement Handgun tactics 
Combat Machete



Street Combat
Street Combat Hand to hand
Hand to hand