Being attacked? Why pepper spray can get you killed…


Most people believe that criminals think like us.  They don’t.

Because of THIS, a highly trained law enforcement officer, nearly got
himself killed… because he believed that a full shot of pepper spray would
cause enough pain to stop anyone dead in their tracks.

>>>Here’s the outrageous video<<< that will make you
think twice if you are one of those people who believes in
that myth:

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Even though a full shot of industrial strength pepper spray into the attackers
face can buy you some time… during real-life crunch time… when push comes the shove even the “military ONLY” types of pepper spray…can give you a false sense of security.

Instead, There Are Simple Tricks that ANYONE can take and learn quickly…even
elders, or disabled people… that gives you as much close-range lethal
force as any pepper spray.

Not only that, all you need is your bare hands.

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It will FOREVER change the way you look at personal protection.


About Derek Smith

Derek is a former Federal Special agent and Veteran of 3 military services. He knows a great deal about self-defense and he shares his knowledge with you!


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